Friday, July 4, 2008

Life after 40 weeks...

Happy 4th of July, everyone!
Today is also another significant day- the day after my due date. Yes folks, I'm living proof that your uterus does NOT explode or turn into a pumpkin if you go past your "due date". Babies do not have expiration dates, and some just need a little more time to cook.
While Isaiah was born right on his guess date, Abbie was a whole 7 days late. Fortunately, despite her being my first baby and me being under the care of a very mainstream OB, I still had the intuition to wait it out. I'm so glad I didn't, as she was still only 6# 14oz. I shudder to think how tiny she would have been if some induction-happy doctor convinced me to be induce at 37 or 38 weeks.
The midwives are very supportive of going post-date, as long as me and Weebu are doing well. And we are. At my last appointment, BP was great, Weebu's heart tones sounded perfect, measuring around 37 weeks (about the same as both Abbie and Isaiah when they were born). S/he's in a ROT position (flipped from posterior a couple weeks ago, thank goodness. All that time on my hands and knees paid off!).
To be honest, though, I am getting a little anxious to meet the little one. I'm just SO excited! I haven't been feeling that well today, so maybe it's my body's way of telling me to slow down and take it easy. (We've been on the go the past two days, which I'll blog about next). I guess we'll just wait and see!
Here's a couple belly pictures, taken at 39.5 weeks:


Anonymous said...

Wow, your belly is really pointy! No worries, I always go over my "due date" also...and my last baby was 10#'s, born naturally at home, no tear or anything! :0)

I wanted to say also that I think going on hands and knees isn't necessary...most of the time. Your body will tell you if it is. My last baby was above my thigh, crammed sideways into my pelvis...would NOT go head down for anything...she was just too big...she would go breech, and then into the corner of my pelvis and then back breech the entire last month.

The day she was born, she was in the corner of my pelvis, but when time to push, she moved over and came out just fine.

Oh, I hope you have an easy and wonderful birth experience. ((((((HUGS)))))))

Anonymous said...

I swear, I see your pic and think "how does she not topple over?" And then I remember, oh yeah...I was that big too and somehow managed. LOL ;D

I hope you have a lovely birth with your family :)

Julie said...

Ooh, this brings back memories. I went 9 days past my due date with my last pregnancy. The up side was that the labor ended being only 1 hour 45 mins.It all happens so much easier if you just surrender to the experience and let it happen when baby is good and ready. It did end up being a real battle of my mind, I think I went a little nuts thinking each day that today is the day. By the end, I had a show and regular contractions and totally denied it was happening so as not to be disappointed if it didn't. Good luck!!!