Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weebu's Rainbow Diaper Stash!

This might seem a bit silly to some of you, but humor me. I've been working really hard on Weebu's diaper stash, both dying diapers as well as constantly on the prowl for a good bargain (since I can't bring myself to pay full price for something Baby will only poo in). And I'm SO pleased with how it all came together. Stash List 14 preemie prefolds 18 newborn prefolds 34 infant prefolds 8 asst. newborn/infant fitteds 5 x-small Thirsties covers 4 small Thirsties covers 3 small BWW covers 1 newborn wool Stacinator 1 small wool Stacinator 1 pair of adorable small longies Newborn prefolds that I dyed with Dylon dye: Infant prefolds, also dyed: Fitteds (Loveybums, Thirsties Fab, & Snapdragon are the ones I know. The bottom 2 are made by me. I hope to make a few more using the Goodness Gracious pattern like the one on the right.) Thirsties covers: Rainbow of flannel-on-flannel cloth wipes: More wipes made from scrap flannel and terry cloth:
The whole stash (minus a few plain PFs and my new longies): You'll note a baby hat and socks in the last picture. Consider that a sneak peek of a future post. Both are handmade and purchased on Etsy. I can not wait to try them on Weebu! I'll write more about them later, since they deserve a whole post to themselves!
Oh, a few people have asked about dying the diapers. It's SO easy and so much fun! Here's a great tutorial on

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Anonymous said...

Great stash! I did like you, before baby's birth, I took pix of all the stuff we had for her. I want to warn you, though...if you wash diapers every day or every other day, you probably won't need as many as you think. I don't use half the prefolds I have!

Much love and gentle birthing vibes your way~
(you are due soon, no?)