Thursday, June 5, 2008

Look Who's Talking!

So, in my last update, Isaiah was saying "buh" for ball. Well, he is now using "buh/"buh-buh" for book, bubble, boom-boom (fireworks), baby, blanket, pillow, broken, poo-poo, and boo-boo. In addition to mama, dada, more, and "zz-zz" for music. As he has been in speech therapy for six months now, we had a re-evaluation at our last meeting. At 17 months old, he was evaluated at a 6 month level in expressive skills. And now at 22 months old, he's at a 12 month level, but with many milestones on the 15 month level. That's a lot of progress! From barely babbling to over a dozen words/word approximations! Last night, he was getting all comfy cozy in bed, when he said "buh-buh" in a very sad voice. I saw that he had his pillow and blanket. Ah, his baby had fallen on the floor. Once they were reunited, he rolled over and fell asleep. A few months ago, the same scenario would have just brought tears, and lots of them (with the occassional scream), as I took random shots in the dark to figure out what was wrong. This is COMMUNICATION, folks!!!! YAY!

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