Sunday, August 2, 2009

Isaiah's 3yo check-up

Weight: 32 pounds (45%)
Height: 35 inches (7%)

Unfortunately, while Isaiah was in a very good mood, when it came time to weigh him, he freaked out. He refused to get on the scale, and crumpled on the floor crying. I had to weigh myself, then get on the scale holding him. The height is an estimate, because we had to take off his shoes which cued another meltdown. The crotchety ol' nurse asked "And how old is he?" during all this. You should have seen her face when I told her 3. Whatever.

Back in the exam room, he settled down and was mostly calm for the doctor. He still has his heart murmur, but Dr. said it still sounded fine and would leave getting an echo up to me (I declined, thinking if he thought it was necessary, he wouldn't leave it up to me, yk?)

Talked about his other issues a bit. He didn't have a lot to say, but did offer a referral for a one-time evaluation with a developmental specialist at UVA, just to get her opinion on Isaiah as a whole. He offered it last year, but I declined it as I felt it was jumping the gun a bit. However, I feel like it is the right decision now.

I called UVA, and his appointment is October 22nd. So, we'll see where the next part of our journey takes us!



Dena said...

Isaiah sounds reacted like most 3 year olds do at the doctor's office. One of my daughters didn't talk unless she had something she wanted to say... even though she could. But as she grew older and broke out of it, we couldn't get her to stop talking. I think it's part of their personality. I'm sure everything will be just fine.

GreenPunkMama said...

We barely got Gavin's weight and height at the dr's he remembers the place and doesn't like it. Gavin hit his head on the wall while they tried to get his height... He weighs the same as Gavin did at his 4 year old appointment, but Gavin's 42in tall. :)

I hope things go well with the appointment on Oct 22nd, and maybe it will mean he can get a script for better therapy or services.

Jenn said...

he really is a beautiful little boy...i love his curly hair. so sweet!

Patty O. said...

I know what you mean about crotchety nurses. Danny had to have an eye exam, dental exam and regular checkup this summer before starting kindergarten and I had a really crabby nurse at the eye doctor. The sad part was that Danny was actually being pretty good. It just took her so dang long and the machines freaked him out a bit. I just don't think people are often very understanding and when you add SPD to the mix it just makes it worse.

Good luck on the eval. I also am having one done for Danny, but don't know when yet. Should be interesting....

Megan said...

My son is so similar on so many levels, but let me tell you, it gets better. He could have a two hour meltdown because he didn't get to open the microwave door or anything little like that. He would tell you to cut his sandwhich in half and them change his mind after you cut it, total meltdown. He doesn't do it as often anymore, usually when he is really hunger or tired. We found out he is allergic to corn, so if we keep him away from that and food dyes he does really good. Sleep is a huge issue, he has an extremely hard time going to sleep, some nights I wake up at 1:30 and his light is on and he is wide awake, not playing, just awake and I know that we are probably not going to have a good day tomorrow. He also hates changing his clothes, he will go for days in his pjs (we try to limit it to two days) but I figure so what, at least he's dressed(my daughter loves being naked). He has gotten a ton better about doing things for himself, like putting on his own socks and shoes.

The doctors wanted him on meds and all sorts of different things, they said it would be easier for me, not for my son, but me. Laziness, I told him no, I would work with him and things have steadily gotten better. Don't give up and go with your mommy sense. I made the mistake of vaccinating him and when he was a newborn he had extreme digestive issues, not having anyone supportive and informative to talk to, when the suggestion was made to put him on formula, I was so run down from a screaming, miserable baby that wasn't eating and down to four pounds that I caved and said yes instead of going with my mommy instincts to keep nursing and modify my diet. We keep plugging along and will be visiting the homeopathic doctor in October to rid his system of the vaccinations that I believe have caused him so many problems. Sorry this was so long, I just know that it is comforting to know that you are not alone in your struggle for "normal"