Saturday, June 27, 2009

Other concerns...

Wow, 3 blog posts in one day. I promise this will be the last one, and I'll stop being such a worrywort. I just wanted to write out "other" concerns I have re: Isaiah. Mostly doing so for my own record. That way, when mommy-brain strikes (which it will), I can look back here for reference. Of course, if anybody has any feedback, I'm all ears.

* Still frequent meltdowns (screaming/sobbing) over little things, not all of which we understand. I feel they are more than just typical toddler tantrums. He is either sobbing a broken-hearted cry. Or is in a sheer panicked frenzy. You can see the anxiety in his eyes.

* Hates getting dirty unexpectedly. Total meltdown.

* Hates changing clothes. It's a fight most mornings to get his night-time diaper off, even when he poops. (Thank goodness he's 100% day-trained!) If he spills juice on his shirt, he screams because it's dirty... but then screams when we try to take it off.

* When one of the above happens, it takes him a while to calm down, even after it's passed. He'll often shut down, getting very quiet, won't talk at all or answer you.

* Still very sensory-seeking, orally. Everything goes in mouth. Licks, tastes and smells anything and everything. Chews on shoes, licks inside of dishwasher, tries to taste icky kitchen sponges (now locked up).

* Proprioceptive problems(knowing where his body is in space). Constantly running into walls and doorways. If there is a single toy in the middle of the room, he'll trip over it repeatedly. Ollie gets bowled over at least once an hour. He's just now starting to get better on this, but still has a lot trouble getting in the position for me to put his diaper on.

* The above gets a lot worse when he's distracted. Doing an activity at the table, he's falling off his chair. He's like a rag doll when we go out somewhere. He trips over his own feet, hard to walk in a straight line, very floppy.

* Part of the routine thing, but repeats certain things over and over. When I get done vacuuming, he immediately stops what he's doing and races to unplug the vacuum. Every. Single. Time. for the past year or more. I've never encouraged this, he just does it. Same thing with when the microwave dings, he runs to open the door (doesn't seem interested with what's inside most of the time- he just wants to open it, then scampers back away)

* Lately, he's been doing similar with labeling things (which is good in a way, yay words!). For example, Every. Single. Time. that I go to the bathroom, he follows me, and will point out everybody's toothbrush. "dada" "mama" "aa-aa" "me". He's done this dozens of times in the past month. Another recent example: I have a shirt that has a little boy and girl on it. He'll point and say which one's him and which one's Abbie. All day long, every few minutes that he's around me, he gets really excited and points them out as if he's never seen the shirt before.

* Listening and following direction is still a big issue. If he's focused on something, he goes into "deaf mode" and it's like he literally doesn't even hear me. I can actually scream his name and he doesn't respond. I have to repeat myself constantly.

* Still utilizing techniques such as physically holding him in a "time-in", or physically removing him from a situation. Particularly in the kitchen, as he repeatedly reaches up for the hot pot, or a sharp knife.

I think that's about all the major things. We are continuing doing therapeutic brushing, as well as some OT-type activities around the house. For his birthday in a couple weeks, I'm making him a weighted blanket and lap pad. (The last one I made has disappeared, and besides- I don't think it was heavy enough). Since we don't qualify for school-provided OT, I'm going to call around and see about private therapy (although I have a feeling it's not going to be feasible, financially).

I hate feeling like I'm obsessively worrying about what's "wrong" with my Boo. And maybe I do worry too much. However, I also hate seeing my son so unhappy so much of the time. Having to comfort him through meltdown after meltdown. Watching him WANT to do things and TRY to do things, but can't. I just want to be able to make him happy, learn how to help him learn, give him the best possible chance, just like all my kids.


Amy said...

April, all kids are different, so I don't want to say that my experience will be yours. But I wanted to offer that many of the similar concerns we had with Robbie at ages 3-4, he outgrew or at least lessened as he grew older.

He still definitely has his issues, including excessive rumination on one subject, quick negative reactions to things that aren't as he expects them to be, some of those rag doll qualities. These things are being addressed by OT.

But I wanted to just offer you a big virtual hug and tell you there is hope.

Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

Continue with the school, ask for policies, procedures, if you can find someone who really knows the system to talk to. I had a friend who knew all the legal ins and outs that the school does not tell you BUT if you bring it up, they know they have to!

At least in VT there are early ed programs and the school provides many services. Keep asking and pushing! Look at Federal laws, not just State!

Good luck!

Mama said...

Followed this from Etsy. My daughter was similar with the meltdowns and such, we just started the GFCF diet last week and it helped SO MUCH. Like before she always had to be in the cart in a store, and 4 days into the diet she could walk with us. We can change our routine (like go into the garage to get into the freezer, when she was expecting we'd be getting in the stroller) and have some complaining, but not a carry-me-I-can't-walk fit. She's 3 next month.