Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oliver's 12m check-up

Weight: 17# 3oz (<5%)
Height: 26 inches (<5%)

Little Dude graduated from using the baby scale to the big scale, which he happily and proudly stood up on. It was so cute, and got the "aww"s from a nearby couple. His petiteness kind of surprised me, though, since I thought he was bigger/taller. Some 12m clothes are on the small side, and most 18m clothes fit him just fine. Must be his fluffy cloth-diapered bum filling them out. :P

Dr. asked if we were still breastfeeding, and I said of course. He said good for you, and asked if he was getting any other food. Not in a "OMGz, but you ARE feeding him OTHER stuff right?!" way, but in a just curious way. No mention of feeding him more food to bulk his weight up, or him needing supplements, etc. I :heart: our BF-friendly BF-supportive pediatrician.

Then he asked what I would say to a flu shot in the fall. I told him I would say "no thank you". LOL (He's pro-vax, but after a few conversations when Abbie was little, he's respective of my choice now that he knows it's an informed one.)

And that's pretty much it. His 18m check-up falls in January, so unless needed, we'll be skipping it, as I'm not going to take him in during cold/flu season.



SandyCalico said...

He's GORGEOUS. Very similar looking to my 11 month old. Both my boys are lean. Sensible doc x

Dena said...

Oliver has the cutest eyes. As long as he's developing properly, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. My oldest son was the runt of his friends until the summer of his sophmore year when he grew three sizes. He's now 6'5" and wears a size 15 shoe. They all have their own pace... at everything. LOL

Megan said...

I too skip well checks if my kids are healthy, eating, and we have no other concerns. We go to them healthy and then pick up germs in the waiting room that make us sick. I have gotten the look from our doc about my nine month old only brreastfeeding and not eating much for solid foods and how I need to get him to eat solids because he is in the 8th %. I would like to know how you are suppose to force feed a nine month old solid foods?? He double his birth wieght by the time he was six months old, so I think he is fine, just petite.