Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ollie's new diapers!

Ollie has just about outgrown his infant prefolds, which makes me very sad since I worked so hard on them. I guess I'll just save them for any future fluffy bums down the road (way down the road LOL!).

I bought a dozen "capri" prefolds from Little Lions. I went with that size as I knew the regular ones would be too big and bulky. The measurements are almost identical to GMD's old rainbow-edged prefolds, which I think are the perfect size.

Of course, I had to dye them. Can't have boring white diapers, now can we? I went with amazon green, tropical green, and sunflower yellow.

I also experimented with a couple different techniques, but Blogger is being stinky and won't upload the remainder of my pictures. Here are the links, though.
Kinda looks like a dandelion

I took pictures of the whole process as well, which I'll post along with a tutorial for those wanting to give it a try. :)


Tricia said...

I have to tell you that you make the most beautiful products. I look forward to watching you grow.



Anonymous said...

beautiful...ours are just white! :0)

beansntatersmama said...

You so rock keep up the great blogging.

Patty O. said...

Wow, I am yet again impressed by your creativity and motivation. I can barely get dressed some mornings, so making things is way down on my list of things to do. Though, maybe if I got a bit more creative, it would brighten things up around here. I wish you could come over and teach me to sew better.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Love those colors! (Almost makes me wish I still had one in diapers...almost.)

rainbowmummy said...

gorgeous! ohh and there is a lot of really cute pics on there-not that you need me to tell you that.

More kids?!?!?!?!?!? Maybe I'll tie dye you a straight jacket ;)

nova_j said...

it's amazing how dyeing prefolds gives them a whole new life huh? :D

Amy said...

Very nice, what do you use for dye?