Tuesday, December 2, 2008

22 Pounds of Flaxseeds!

I received my second wholesale order last week. A boutique in California wants 44 custom Owie Bags. (I blogged about them here and you can find them in my Etsy shop here). I'm SO excited and am honored that they chose my product to carry. They originally ordered 24, and when I received an email from them the following day, I was afraid to read it, worried that they might have changed thier minds. But, they actually decided to order an additional 20!

Altogether, it's going to take 4 yards of flannel and 22 pounds of flaxseeds. Hats off to the hubby for picking the flaxseeds up for me. It only took him going to two different store in two trips (a week apart) to gather enough for this project.

Well, I better get busy. Did I mention that they want them in time for a sale on the 10th?


dj said...

Congrats on that order, hope it leads to many more!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! WTG!!