Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first Black Friday...

Yesterday morning, my sister and I ventured out to Joanns. I've never been out on Black Friday before, but really wanted to go as flannel (my fabric "drug" of choice) was on sale for just $1.49/yd, compared to regular price of $5.99.

Fortunately, Joanns is quite a distance from the actual mall. And it's located on the back of a really small shopping center, so by going to back way in, there was virtually no traffic. We got there a few minutes before 8, and it wasn't too bad, although it definitely got more and more busy as the morning went on.

We actually stood in the cutting line twice. I had my buggy loaded up the first time, but just as we finished, we saw the clerk shelving this turtle fabric. I had bought a yard of it a few weeks ago, with plans of making Ollie a Loopy Lovey, but I really wanted more to make him a matching quilt. So, back in the cutting line we went.

Actually, the cutting line moved pretty quickly, despite some people, like myself, having carts full of various bolts. It was the check-out line that made me get a little fustrated. As we inched our way closer, it became obvious that the cashiers were quite new at their job, having to ask "which button do I push" at almost every transaction. Despite this, people seemed to remain cheerful and patient, chatting to their line-neighbor about their upcoming projects.

Here's a view of the line that Maggie snapped:

And here's what I came out with. This is about $140 worth of flannel for about $35! It doesn't look like a lot, but several are 2, 3 and even 4 yards of fabric. I can't wait to get busy with it, including several rag quilts that will be in my Etsy shop very soon!


Kristin said...

We went to Jo-Ann's last night after the shopping rush. I didn't know they had flannel on sale!! I wish I'd gotten some. I did buy three different colors of knit to make some belly bands for myself. They are $20 online and I bought enough fabric for three at $1.75 each! I also bought some fleece on sale for $2.99/yd.

I just made my first rag quilt for my daughter's birthday. Unfortunately, I never got to see the finished results. I'm going to try again, though, as it was fun and easy.

rainbowmummy said...

I really like the look of that ladybird fabric, would make a cute backing to your little lady bird! I am so jelouse of you actually (in a good way, not in I hate you way :0) ) I wish I could make things and sell things, it's really amazing. I need to learn....