Saturday, November 8, 2008

Flannel Owie Bags - SALE!

Back in March, Abbie had her first ear infection. It was AWFUL. The only thing that brought any form of relief was the moist heat of microwaved wet washcloth. Unfortunately, it did not hold heat very long, resulting in frequent trips to the kitchen- not very easy when all Abbie wanted to do was snuggle. I took to my sewing room and made a little flannel pouch filled with rice.

While the rice bag made the rest of that week bearable, I started reading about the benefits of instead using flaxseed. Flaxseeds will hold on to that moist heat a lot longer than rice, as the oil doesn't evaporate as readily as the rice's moisture content. Flaxseeds are also very smooth, which gives the bags very unique feel, and unlike pokey rice, they will conform perfectly to wherever you need it the most.

I have since made quite a few flaxseed bags for around the house. They were absolutely wonderful during Ollie's homebirth where I used them both hot (for my back) and cold (for my head/neck). And while there fortunately hasn't been any more earaches, they definitely come in handy with all the bumps and bruises that are part of a toddler's daily life.

I love them so much, I've added them to my Etsy shop a couple months ago. However, last week, I tweaked the pattern and made them a little bigger. To make room for the new style, all of the current ones are now on sale for just $2.75 each! This is the perfect opportunity to give them a try. They also make great gifts!

And remember- I'm always up for custom orders. Just contact me via Etsy or leave your email address in the comments section, and we'll work on designing an Owie Bag in your choice of size and print!


Christopher And Tia said...

Those look fabulous!! I've got a few rice bags, but I'd love to try a flaxseed bag!!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Cute--bags and model! :0)

rainbowmummy said...

Oh, when I was in labour(for a looooooong time) I was begging for one of these to be put on my back (egg was 5 weeks early, I was not organized) but although it was the nurses sugestion she couldn't find me one. Ugh.

They are very sweet!

BTW I ahve put up a little thank you post, to say, well, THANKS! :0)

Tanya said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! These are very cool. I keep flax seed on hand for the nutritional value, but I've never used it as a heating pad. It's a great idea!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Infinitely cute! I never heard that about the flax seeds. I used a sock with rice but these are so much more fetching...