Monday, August 4, 2008

Mad Hippie Baby!

Photographing babies is challenging to say the least. And I was reminded of that fact last week, when I tried to take a picture of Oliver. He was being a little hippie baby, decked out in a tie-dyed onesie and adorable rainbow socks (hand-knitted by UnwaveringFaith). He was in a very good mood and kept giving me sly little grins while I was holding him. Figured it would be the perfect time. I laid him down... and his disposition instantly changed! I snapped a picture super-quick and scooped back up again. I guess he wasn't in the mood for modeling. Still a cutie, though, no?


Anonymous said...

OH, they do that EVERY time, don't they? I see them cooing and making these wonderful sounds...I run to get the SOON AS I turn it on, they start fussing! Every time! What is that?? :0) Yes, it's still a very cute picture!

rainbowmummy said...

Peace out Oliver, maaaaaaaan!

I love this outfit so much!!