Friday, August 8, 2008

Smiles, Stings, Speech and Sickies

Things have been pretty crazy lately, but I'm starting to accept that as normal. Here's a glimpse of the past few days...

Last week, we were all sick with a nasty tummy virus, resulting in lots and lots of laundry. I had a bunch of chux pads leftover from the homebirth, so I had what I thought was a stroke of genius and used those to surround the kids. Nope, the little buggers somehow managed to miss the pads and puke over every single towel and blanket we own. To make matters worse, the spring is running low like it does every summer, so we have to ration our water usage. I'm still trying to overcome Mount Laundry!

On Tuesday, we met with Isaiah's speech therapist as well as his service coordinator. Although there have been a few new words here and there, Isaiah's been having a lot of total meltdowns. He freaks out if things aren't in a certain order. Lots of crying, lots of tantrums, LOTS of fustration on everyone's part. We are going to try picture cards, which I'm working on right now. Also, we're going to attempt to have more of a schedule, at least with mealtimes and bed/naptime. It'll be hard since we've never done one before, but worth a try. We're meeting again next Tuesday for some more brainstorming.

And in other Isaiah-related news, he got stung by a bee yesterday. He was playing in the playroom and came running to me, screaming his head off. His finger/hand was red and starting to swell. I assumed that maybe it got smooshed in the door or something. I put arnica ointment on it, and helped him hold an ice pack. The picture below is of when it was at it's worse (I was starting to worry about a broken finger), but then it started looking better. Later, Isaiah pulled me by the hand and dragged me in the playroom... where he pointed out a wasp on the floor. Ah, that explains it. Poor little guy!

And, in much happier news, I finally caught Oliver's first smiles on camera! He's been smiling for the past couple weeks, almost always in the morning, but never managed to capture it until the other day. He's such a happy boy first thing in the mornings. Full night sleep, fresh diaper, breastfast (hehe), and he's nothing but smiles.


Meredith said...

Just now checking in with you, and Congratulations! He's beautiful. I love the name Oliver as well. He'll live up to it by twisting I'm sure. What a cutie!

rainbowmummy said...

Great communicating from Isaiah!!!!!!!!!