Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wow, over a month, uh?

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged. It seems every time I sat down, I was interrupted, and just told myself I would post later. And then later came, but with more interruptions. I was doing so well with keeping this semi-regular, too. Ah well. Forgive me? Everything has been going great. I have a few exciting updates I'd rather do as separate posts, so I'll hang on to those thoughts for the time being. In general, though, we've just been busy, mostly enjoying the gorgeous weather. The kids are the ecstatic new owners of a swingset and sandbox. The garden is all planted and starting to grow. We're almost done with enclosing the bottom of the house. Inside the house, I've been bit by the nesting bug, as cabinets are being reorganized, baby clothes are being sorted, ceiling fans are being scrubbed. The kitchen is being used for both cooking freezer meals, as well as dying diapers. I've taught myself to crochet in between finishing up some custom sewing orders. And time for an interruption. Abbie is telling me how huuuuungry she is, so I guess I'm off to fix lunch. I promise I'll be back around in the next couple days with some more detailed posts.

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Sharon said...

Welcome back and good for you for enjoying the good weather and outdoor life again, it's really important that we soak up the sunshine.