Saturday, July 4, 2009

Snipperdoodles, stickernoodles, sneakyturtles...

The number of ways a 4yo can mispronounce "snickerdoodle" is pretty darn hilarious. :D

Regardless of what they are called, they were so yummy. I've actually never heard of a snickerdoodle before talking with a few online friends. I finally decided to give them a try today, and so glad I did. I'm usually horrible at making cookies, but these came out delicious!!

One good thing about making stuff from scratch is that there is no crap like HFCS, artificial flavors/colors or preservatives. So, even little Ollie got to indulge.

Isaiah's word for cookie may be next to impossible to understand, but there's no mistaking what he's signing!!

Totally cursing dial-up* right now, because I got the cutest video of Abbie saying "snickerdoodle" then randomly bursting into song about sneaky turtles sneaking all the snickerdoodles. It was only 10 seconds long, but estimated time was an hour to upload. Got 85% done, then timed-out. *grr* So, you'll have to settle for just a sweet picture.

This is what we had for dessert since I was too lazy to make an All-American apple pie... baked apples with butter/sugar/cinnamon, snickerdoodles and ice cream.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth! I've been a little emotional due to what happen this time last year, but being able to spend the day with my Sprouts has made it an awesome day, regardless. Seeing them smile lights up my world brighter than any sparkler or firecracker. <3

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Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

Looks yummy! I totally recognized cookie in sign! My kids sign cookie please all the time!!