Monday, February 2, 2009

See Isaiah Run

Okay, first we need to hit the rewind button and go back a couple months, because I totally forgot to blog about this awesome milestone...

Isaiah hates shoes. Up until this past December, he absolutely refused to wear 'real' shoes. It was physically impossible to even put them on him, as he would arch his foot, curl his toes, and kick away. The few times we pretty much forced them on, he would drop to the floor, sobbing, refusing to even stand up. So, we got by with him wearing Robeez and (as of last summer,) Crocs. Not the best footwear for winter, though.

At the beginning of December, my dear friend Leia sent a box of hand-me-downs from her 3yo, including a pair of shoes. They were still in nice condition, yet were very well-loved and worn. We offered them to Isaiah, and like usual, he wouldn't have anything to do with them. One day, we suggested he wear his new shoes... and he allowed us to put them on!! He very gingerly walked around the house for a bit, getting used to them, but after that, seemed okay with them!

Unfortunately, they are starting to get a little tight now. I tried a few pairs of shoes on him at Walmart the other day, but he refused to walk in them. Then again, they were just cheap ones, and weren't very flexible at all. I figured I was going to have to save up and splurge on more expensive ones, or he could go back to wearing Crocs for the time being.

Weeeell, yesterday morning, I woke up to an email in my inbox from Sandier Pastures' blog. I had won her See Kai Run giveaway!! Honestly, I had forgotten that I even entered it, so it was such a surprise! I get to pick out any pair of See Kai Run shoes on their website. After a lot of pondering, I think I'm going to go with the Oliver style (and not just because of the name, *wink*).

Now we just have to see if Isaiah will wear them. >.< Sensory issues aside, he also has a hard time dealing with change. But, we'll introduce them to him slowly, and not push the issues, and hopefully he'll adjust to them. :)


babyboofelt said...

Aww :) Gavin's first pair of shoes he would wear were hand me downs from his cousin who also has big wide feet. And he only wore them because "bramo" wore them. I will admit to taking Gavin out a lot to the store without shoes but he would take them off and I would lose them :( Gavin's now a big New Balance guy they're comfy and without cartoons.

but congrats on the new shoes! I hope he wears them :)

Elizabeth Channel said...

Oh surely he'll love them! He has the most expressive eyes!

Patty O. said...

Good luck! We have had some shoe issues in the past as well, but I think Danny is starting to finally grow out of some of them. We'll see. He's a doll, by the way.

Sandier Pastures said...

Thanks for blogging about this! I totally missed to see the pingback. Sorry.

So, did he wear it? I hope he did!