Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What to do with fabric scraps...

I've been saving my flannel and minky scraps for quite some time now, and it had accumulated into two over-flowing grocery bags. Anything bigger than a few inches was kept as I couldn't bear throwing away such awesome flannel prints, and the minky is too luxurious (and expensive) to toss out even the smallest amount. A few weeks ago, Thomas asked me what was I going to DO with all that material. It was a very good question, as I hadn't really thought about it.

After a little pondering, I came up with a few items. As you've might have noticed in my shop, I've been making a lot of washcloths and flaxseed bags. I'll post more about those later, though. First, I want to show you my Little Loopy toys.

This Little Lovey Buddy Ladybug is backed with black minky. (You can find it here in my Etsy shop). I didn't have any green minky scraps big enough, but I want to make a turtle in a similar fashion, as I have the perfect dark green marbled flannel.

And here are some simpler ones. These measure about 4 x 4 inches, so they are perfect to collect different designs, so you'll always have a few to take along anywhere.

A while back, I had a mom order one to match her daughter's lovey. She would let her daughter play with it, and then she tucked it in along with her pumping supplies. At work, when pumping, she would pull it out and not only did it remind her of her daughter, but it smelled like her as well. She said it was very comforting and made pumping a little easier.

Anyways, it's been fun sorting out all the scrap fabrics. It's definitely made saving them all worthwhile!


DJ said...

Oh I like the little square ones, they would make cute gift tags on baby gifts!

babyboofelt said...

Those little squares are adorable! They would make great baby shower gifts they'd even work well on a diaper cake!

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute! :0)

rainbowmummy said...