Saturday, July 5, 2008


On Thursday, we all went to the BB&T Balloon Rally in Lexington. Neither of us had ever gone before, and it sounded interesting. I was expecially excited as I had never seen a hot-air balloon close up before. It was SO awesome! I'll definitely be making this an annual family outing!
There were about 8 or 9 balloons that launched that evening. Isaiah got a little upset when the first one started drifting away. He was frantically pointing at it and looking at me, almost in a panic. I had to reassure him that they were going bye-bye, and they'd be back later.
We could have got a lot closer, but we stayed back in the field a little ways to give the kids room to run around. Which turned out to be a good thing, as they went CRAZY over the balloons. Every time one started to lift off, they'd run around in circles, yelling bye-bye and blowing kisses, waving like maniacs. (There was a group of hoity-toity older women sitting next to us, and I'm pretty sure I saw a few eyerolls, but heck- if I wasn't as big as a balloon myself- I would have been jumping up and down, too. It was just that cool!)
(BTW, in that last picture, I swear it's a happy face. He was just having so much fun, running around and yelling!)


Anonymous said...

Ok, its been a week since you updated. I think in the interest of all who read you should post!

Please???? :)

Anonymous said...

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rainbowmummy said...

My best childhood memory was when standing at my balcony when I lived in a flat I saw A LOT of ot air balloons (shaped like cola bottles and everything else you could dream off) IT WAS AMAZING!! Sounds like a fantastic day. *rainbowmummy rolls eyes at the eyerollers* :0)