Saturday, June 21, 2008

Proof that I'm NOT as big as an elephant!

There is this local rinky-dinky little zoo not too far away, which we pass on the way to town. Yesterday, we were driving by, and I notice an ELEPHANT crossing one of the side streets, going into a side gate of the zoo. I go nuts and scream at Thomas to turn around(because I'm a big kid that way). We pull over and the handler opens the gate back up and walks over to the car with the elephant. I had my window rolled down and the elephant sticks his trunk in and gets snot all over me. Isaiah is in a complete trance. Poor Abbie, starts screaming and crying, saying she doesn't like the elephant. The handler asked if we wanted to snap a couple pictures, so Thomas and I get out of the car (leaving the kids, since neither wanted to get out). I'm petting the elephant (who are quite hairy, actually), and she starts rubbing my belly!! No joke, she reaches around, and starts sniffing and petting Weebu! This is Osha, a 24yo African elephant, and me. Please ignore A) my frumpy, I'm-38w-pregnant-and-it's-ALL-about-comfort-at-this-point outfit and B) my insanely goofy face. I couldn't stop giggling. I keep breaking out in a huge grin whenever I think about it, as it was one of those totally random, yet totally AWESOME things to happen. I will never forget it, and can't wait to show Weebu this picture when s/he gets older. For the record, after talking with Abbie, it seems she does NOT want a pet elephant, although she hesitantly says she would like to see the elephant again some day. Hopefully she won't be as freaked out next time. A couple fun facts... did you know that an elephant is pregnant for 22 months?? (And I'm getting antsy as I near 39 weeks.) Also, newborn elephants can weigh around 265 pounds. Wow!


Chrissy said...

How nice of that guy to let you guys take pics and all!!

Anonymous said...

That is probably the most beautiful elephant I have ever look so happy! It's a great picture and a great story to tell your little one someday. :0)

Orlando Realtor said...

No you are not as big as an are beautiful! What a great photo and creative idea to use as you did. I think it is just great!

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woolies said...

I totally think that elephant KNEW you were pregnant and wanted to be with you, or something..
What an awesome experience.

We once RODE an elephant, and she stopped to pee. It took about 20 minutes.....

ps you look totally adorable and like you're having a blast while she tickled your tummy.
I love elephants!

Anonymous said...

I just remembered and wanted to comment again...when I was pregnant, my dog would nuzzle my belly and sniff and lick at it. :0) How cool! They say that dogs can smell cancer inside your body, I imagine they can smell a baby in utero!

Maybe the elephant could to?
You look so pretty...I can't wait to hear your birth story. I hope it goes well for you. (a homebirth, right?)

rainbowmummy said...

That is so sweet! And shhhh we mums don't call it frumpy it's casual, as in we can have fun with the kids in this :0)