Monday, April 21, 2008

My Vision Board

For those who don't know what a vision board, it is a collage of images and words that express what you would like to manifest in your life. THIS is a great site that explains the process.
I've been working on mine for a couple weeks now, and have finally come to a stopping point for now. I was planning on using baguas as a way to organize it, but as you can see, it came out much different. That was part of the fun- just going with the flow and seeing what came out!
Center: Me. I originally was going to fill in the middle with images, but then I decided not to. I'm constantly evolving and changing, and I wanted to leave plenty of "space" for that to happen. Also, it's to remind myself to find peace and contentment WITHIN myself, and while I hope for all these other things, I still need to be happy with who I am inside.
North quardrant: Things I want to do
* Go camping a lot more this spring and summer
* Learn belly-dancing * Join local MOMS club
* Do some soul-searching and decide if becoming a doula is something I want to do down the road
* Get my license
* Make new friends
* Continue with Enchanted Dandelions
* Dwelve more into my spiritual side
* Learn to crochet
East quadrant: Things for the house
* Lots of flowers, both inside and out
* "Organic" [and natural] foods, purchases, lifestyle
* A breadmaker
* To start raising chickens
* A bountiful garden with lots of fruits and veggies
* "Organized"
* A Kitchen-Aid mixer
* A vacuum (which stands more for getting into a cleaning routine. Although,I wouldn't mind a new vacuum either!)
* A new headboard, preferably in wrought-iron
* A huge, solid-wood, family table. Not shown in the picture, but I want it with one bench seat.
South quadrant: Things I envision for myself
* A goddess statue and candles, as I would like to set up an altar, as a private me-space.
* Dreadlocks (I still haven't decided if I want to go with dreads or not, but I just think the girl in the picture is so beautiful and confident. I want to be like her, if not on the outside, then on the inside).
* A nursing necklace
* A couple shirts and skirts that I love
* The turtle is for the tattoo I eventually want to get. Maybe not exactly like that, although I think it's pretty neat.
* RADIANT and CONFIDENT are 2 things I want to be.
West quadrant: Family
* To be the best mother that I can be
* A peaceful birth (lotus flower)
* A wonderful pregnancy (plus, I want some maternity photos done this time)
* A strong relationship with my husband
* A healthy, happy baby
* A successful breastfeeding experience
* For these words to describe me as a momma, as well as our daily life: Patience, Peaceful, Fun, Playful, Gentle and Harmony.
I've left a few spots bare, in case I think of something to add down the road. Also, I have a couple quotes in mind that I might write around the inner circle. But, overall, I'm really pleased with how it came out. And I believe that entirely possible to manifest these things into my life, if it's meant to be.


Joyce Schwarz said...

This is terrific. I'd like to feature it in my upcoming book "The Vision Board" by Harper Collinsw Publisbing, Collins Design, Fall, 2008, email me at and I'll tell you more. Great job of explaining the board/your goals etc. My website for the book -- only a small video up now --

Meredith said...

that's really cool! I'm a bit jealous that you may be getting chickens (in a good way)... Let me know how it works out! I heard a friend tell me about someone around here who built a chicken coop on wheels. They moved it around the yard periodically, and the droppings fertilized the yard and the chickens ate the bugs in each new patch! Quite a contraption, I take it.

TheSingingBird said...

i just found your blog and i love this post, i had forgotten about this as I haven't done one in many years, thank you for the reminder!
-Becky :)