Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is the weekend over yet?

Abbie is sick with her very first ear infection. We've been using Hyland's Earache Drops, hot compresses, and Motrin for the really rough moments. I've also been able to put a few drops of colostrum in her ear (first time in months I've been able to express anything!). Unfortunately, if tonight is a repeat of the past couple, we'll probably head to the pediatrician's office tomorrow. I've been giving her a probiotic all weekend, just in case she would need antibiotics (another first for her). I've been getting over a cold myself. Combined with caring for Abbie (mostly in the middle of the night) and dealing with a very spirited Isaiah lately, I'm ready for a break!

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Anonymous said...

Hope your little one is better. We have a little girl who used to have awful ear troubles. After your girl is better, use ear candles on her regularly and after you use them, put garlic ear oil drops in her ears (warmed) and plug with a cotton ball for a few hours. This is soothing and always keeps ear infections away.

Hope you are getting much-needed rest.