Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wiggle Milk and Black Toes

Sorry for not posting in a while. Been busying working on some sewing, as well as my new, upcoming website. I'm so excited about it. Stay tuned for more info on the Grand Opening. Here's a couple toddler tales fromt his morning, though. This morning, when I took off Isaiah's sleeper, I noticed his feet were BLACK. Now, he was freshly-bathed when I put his freshly-washed jammies on last night. I turned the sleeper inside-out, and my lap was covered in soot and char. He must have snuck into the fireplace and stuck a bunch of soot down in his jammies last time he was wearing them. Crazy kid! (This was almost as messy as the time we were coloring before bed. When it was time to clean up, we were missing a bunch of markers. Sure enough, Isaiah had stashed them down his sleeper... with most of the tops removed. So, he had little rainbow scribbles all down both legs). Also, this morning, Abbie asked for some chocolate milk. I told her no, not before breakfast. She may have some regular milk. She started bouncing around all excitedly. I wasn't sure why until she exclaimed "Mmmm, I like wiggle milk!"

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Anonymous said...

Giggle at the wiggle milk. Abbie is a funny girl.

I wanted to thank you for mentioning the allergy book. Micah was tested and has a casein sensitivity, which I already suspected. He's also got Celiac's Disease and gluten sensitivity. :( So we are on the gfcf train! Finding food is crazy hard. At least we save money cooking from scratch. ;)

Hope you're well!

The Super Chicken