Monday, February 25, 2008

Warning! Cookies are very flammable!

On Saturday, I had put a pot of water on the front burner to boil for some tea before laying Isaiah in the bedroom for a nap. Came back just a few minutes later and the stovetop was in flames! I had turned the back burner on where a pan of cookies was sitting. I grabbed the fire extinguisher and put it out. Then scooped up Abbie and put her in the bedroom with Isaiah, since the house was filling with smoke.
When I went back to the kitchen, the pan was in flames again. Of course, the burner was still on (doh!). Used the extinguisher again, and since the knob was melting at this point (and no pot-holder in sight), I ran to the laundry room, and switched the breaker box off. Finally found some potholders and set the smoldering cookie pan outside. Then opened all the windows up, since the smoke was so thick, I could hardly see.
Fortunately, the bedroom with the kidlets was still clear, so I went and snuggled with them while the house aired out. Just as soon as I got comfy and was able to breathe a bit (literally and figuratively), the STUPID smoke dectector goes off. Yeah, big help there. I think the batteries were on the fritz or something. I dunno, they've never seemed to work right. Thomas will be getting some new ones on the way home, though!
My stomach still does flipflops whenever I think about it... what if I had fallen asleep with Isaiah or something? I'm so glad it wasn't worse!
Here's a picture of my poor stove after it happened...
Fortunately, with a LOT of scrubbing (and even some sanding), we managed to get all the black off. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what we are going to do about the knobs, since they are discolored and melted. I need to do a bit of searching online- who knows... maybe I'll find a set on Ebay or something! Best of all, everything still works just fine! So, ummm, care for a cookie?


Jen said...

OMG!!! i'm so glad all is ok. that's really scary!

one of those Greathouse women said...

Whoa! Scary - someone was looking out for you! It's great that everything still works, too!