Friday, November 2, 2007

Mr. Moo and the Disgruntled Ballerina

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween/Samhain! We sure did!
Wednesday afternoon, we started getting ready for Trick-or-Treating in downtown Lexington. Abbie decided to forgo a nap, so she was a tad on the grumpy side. She didn't want to wear her ballerina slippers (that I searched all over the internet, trying to find a pair that would fit her tiny feet, and for a price that was reasonable, as I sure wasn't plopping down $20 for a new pair to just wear once!). She wanted to wear her new black crocs that we handed down from a friend. After trying to concince her that ballerinas need to wear dancing shoes, we gave up, put her crocs on and left. (Fortunately, she fell asleep in the car and while she was napping, I stealthily replaced her crocs with her slippers, *giggle*)
After we found a parking spot, Abbie refused to wear her tu-tu. We finally convinced her that she needed to look like a ballerina so she could get candy. She promptly put it on. *grin*
Once we got started, we had a blast! Isaiah rode in the stroller, and everyone coo'd what a cute cow he was. Abbie did a great job walking along and staying with Thomas. It was funny because she would be so busy looking at what she got in her pumpkin, that she wouldn't say thank you until we were several feet away. Then, she'd yell "THAAAANK YOU!", much to the suprise of the candy-give-awayer.
One of the local dentist offices there on main street had all the hygienists handing out toothbrushes. Abbie flipped out... she was SO excited to get a new toothbrush.
Afterwards, my mom came over for dinner (cream of asparagus soup and apple-stuffed acorn squash), and we had a lovely visit.
And now on to the pictures!

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