Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hours of imaginative play for just $0.90!

I went to Goodwill last night, to pick up some warmer play clothes for the kids and myself.
Briefly glanced over the toy section, which is SO small, and they never have anything. And as usual, nothing caught my eye (except the basket of dismembered, naked barbies which always gives me the creeps).
Next I checked the "craft section" which is a cardboard box on the floor, filled with basically trash (bits and pieces of silk flowers, scraps of wood and paper, half-gone rolls of streamers, etc). I always check, because one day I'm going to find a like-new serger sewing maching in there (hehehe, at least that's what I tell myself *wink* )
Anyhoo, I lucked out last night and found these:
Set of manipulative counting bears (49, only missing 1 yellow one) + sorting cups- $0.45
2 feltboard sets, Stuart Little and Veggie Tales. Both were all shoved in a ziplock bag for $0.45.

I'm going to get a piece of wood and cover it in flannel this weekend for the felt playsets. However, Abbie has already spent over an hour this morning playing with the bears. She sorted the all into their corresponding cups, and then lined them all up. She was making them all kiss and talk and dance. I can tell it will be a favorite activity!


Toni said...

Those bears sound like fun! I love thrifting as well, sometimes you find the most obscure items.

Country Girl At Heart said...

What a great find. I'm hoping to find a like new singer sewing machine at the Goodwill or maybe even a yardsale.