Saturday, September 1, 2007

We're home!

We're back from Outer Banks, and as expected, everyone had a great time! Abbie loved the "seaside", as she called it. However, she was scared of the water. It was funny, though, because she ran up to it, and when a wave came up, she yelled "OH NO!" and ran back. She collected a bunch of seashells, which we'll add to her nature basket. She also loved all the airplanes that were flying overhead (planes are her current obssession). Oh, and the tunnel on the way there- she squealed in delight when we drove through it. Isaiah wasn't afraid of the water, but wasn't impressed, either. He was fascinated by all the sand, though. He probably played in the sand for several hours over the past few days. I have a feeling that a sandbox is in our near future. He was also mesmerized by the kite I brought. Both of them did great in the car, which was nice since it was about a 6 hour trip. Evenings were rough, though, in the hotel. Trying to get them to calm down, sleep in a new place, and most of all- stay somewhat quiet. Definitely not a fun challenge! It was all worth it though, seeing their faces when they caught their first glimpse of the ocean. I'm already looking foward to next year! We took over *400* pictures, so please be patient as I go through them and upload a few. I'll try to post them tomorrow morning!

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