Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Beside... the Seaside!

Abbie flying a kite...
Isaiah LOVED the sand!
Burying Abbie
Abbie and Kayleigh- best friends.
Packing my suitcase... can't forget the baby!
At the Wright's Brothers Museum... Isaiah conked out in the mai tei.
All tuckered out in the hotel, after a long day of playing! (They were watching Finding Nemo.


Stitchblade Etsy said...

aww that looks like so much fun!! I didn't get to go to a beach at alllll this summer!!! Bummer! Your kids are very cute! CUtting fabric is the hardest task for me to do. Emma, the youngest comes and sits on top of whatever I am doing!!!!

Angela said...

Your kids are adorable! You look like you are all having so much fun!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I love that bag and was sad to see it go but glad, too and I'm making more cool ones!