Thursday, August 2, 2007

Green Beans!

We just picked our first bucket of green beans! I was going to can them, but from the looks of the loaded tomato plants, I'll have more than my share of canning to do in a couple weeks, so I'm just going to freeze them. I'd love to hear your favorite green bean dishes!
I'm a little surprised we got as many as we did, expecially with at
least 4 bunnies who have taken up residence in our backyard. Abbie absolutely LOVES them. I know when she's spotted one out the window, as she starts hopping
around the house, yelling "boing, boing, boing".


Meredith said...

ah! I am jealous. we put our garden out a bit late and the dry/past cool weather seems to have stunted everything... we MIGHT have tomatoes in September!

Jen said...

Yummy! Personally, I like greenbeans sauteed in olive oil with a little garlic. I didn't plant any beans this year, but we too are about to be overrun by tomatoes. Picked our first ones this week!