Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Shop of the Week!

As "one of those" crunchy mommas, I absolutely love Georganne's shop! Her two-tone wraps are just gorgeous, and I'm definitely planning on buying some of her I Knead You modeling dough (just as soon as my kids stop eating everything LOL!).
Who are you? I've been asking myself that for YEARS! I am Georganne Lang, SAHM of 6 wonderful Children, wife to the greatest guy on Earth!
What is your Etsy Shop Name?
What EtsyKids items do you specialize in? I make Wrap-style Baby Carriers, Custom-fitted Pouch Slings, Honey Buns(tm) All Natural Diaper Salve, Breastfeeding Mother's All Natural Healing Salve, All Natural Laundry Soap, Cloth Diaper Covers (fitted cloth diapers, coming soon!) , I Knead You(tm) scented modeling dough, and various blankies, quilts, lovey's & bibs have found their way into my shop!
What do you like about Etsy? That it is all HANDMADE, everything from art, jewelry, clothing, accessories, bath and body, ALL HANDMADE! (except, of course, the supplies, he he he)
What do you like about creating? Watching something wonderful take shape where a pile of materials once was! I find it difficult to let each piece go, as it is like a child to me!
What do you love about your business? That I can do it from home!
What is your favorite product right now? difficult to choose! Lovin my all natural products, and the slings!!
What makes you unique at Etsy? My style, it is not "classic" by any means!
What makes you unique as a woman? You'd have to *know* me, and answer that one yourself! LOL!
What do you love about Kids? thier desire to learn, grow, create and the pure JOY and lack of inihibitions! If they feel like singing, they SING!!!
What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create? For now, my blog:

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Georganne said...

Thank you SO MUCH! Love your blog, I'm adding you to my link's list! ;o)