Sunday, July 1, 2007

Roll-up Felt Playmat... ON SALE!

I am now discontinuing the roll-up version of my felt playmats. I've been working on a new design- Pocket Playmats- that will be more compact (along with a few other surprises... stay tuned to learn more!). In the meantime, I have reduced to price to my last roll-up play mat in my Etsy shop to just $12 (orginally $16).

(However, I will be doing roll-up versions by request, so all is not lost if you want one! *wink*)

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Candace said...

Hi April! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Wow! You do such gorgeous work!

Judging by your profile, we have a lot in common. :) And I may be joining the Etsy crowd soon. :)

That pic of your kids fingerpainting brought a huge smile to my face. ^_^

See you around! :)