Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magic Orange Candle

Today's weather may have been very gloomy, but this little orange oil candle certainly has brightened my mood with its sunshiney glow! ^.^ These are very easy to make. Just cut an orange in half, and carefully cut/scoop the flesh, making sure to leave the pith (middle stem) intact. Fill with any kind of cooking oil (I used olive) to just below the top of the pith. Dip the pith under the oil to coat the tip, and then light. It took me 20-30 seconds to get the pith to light, so be patient. Depending on the size of the orange, they will remain lit for quite a while. I used tiny clementines, which burned for over 3 hours. If you wish, you can scoop out the other half and cut a hole in the top for a glowing orb effect. These would be a great to incorporate into a winter solstice celebration! Or imagine a whole bunch of them as a centerpiece for a special dinner. So simple, yet so cozy.


Shannon Lawrence said...

Oh, fun! The pith burns for three hours? Wow! We have some clementines sitting around here; will need to try that.

Searching For Simplicity said...

I LOVE this idea. How beautiful and simple. I will have to give it a try!

Coupons said...

Cool! I bet they smell nice too!