Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lucky Pennies!

Here are the lucky winners of our Penny Sale giveaway! I had oodles of fun, and truly enjoyed reading all the comments. Thank you so much for participating, as well as for supporting my little shop, and other WAHMs. <3

If you are a winner, please email me at for furthur details. Also, please, please, PLEASE mention your name and which prize(s) you won in the subject line to make things a little less confusing/chaotic. Thanks, and congrats!

  1. Organic Broccoli Toy - #12 Ebony Black
  2. Paper Star Lantern - #4 Katie Anderson Zuko
  3. Baby Sampler Set - #19 Rachel Dawson
  4. Frog Headache Helper - #11 Lacey Pyle Mason
  5. Custom Bow - #17 Monica Williams-Brown
  6. Bar of Soap - #7 Miranda Steward Hunter
  7. Baby Leg Warmers - #23 Louise Casey
  8. Crochet Bird Rattle -#29 Lisa Rivenbark-Hodson
  9. Beaded Stitch Markers - #22 Krystyl Olson
  10. Wipe-N-Go Placemat - #6 Stacy Hahn Blake
  11. Wool Dryer Balls - #35 Carla S DeMarco
  12. Enchanted Dandelions Surprise Box - #26 Carla Corley
As a special thank you for all participants, use coupon code "LUCKYPENNY" to receive 10% off your next order from Enchanted Dandelions (valid until August 6th).

Also, Crunchy Family Rising is offering 25% off orders in her shop using coupon code DANDELION (valid until August 6th).

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Stephanie said...

i loooooouuuuurrrrve how you're blogging again! :D

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Aw, thanks Stephanie! I need to remember to post more. Poor bloggy has been neglected so long, I keep forgetting about it. >.<

*hugs* my dear friend! <3

Mizzreviewlady said...

Congrats I am now your newest follower and your are one of the newest winners of my giveaways over at Mizz Review Lady! I am going to email you right now!:)