Monday, September 28, 2009

Can you do me a favor?

Actually two favors.

The first one is an easy one. Just got to BabyMakinMachine's blog, and vote for Ollie in her Cutest Baby Contest. To vote, simply use the poll on the left sidebar (make sure it's the first one- the baby category) and click on #28.

Look at these puppy dog eyes... how can you not vote for him?!

And secondly, please consider donating to BabyMakinMachine's fundraiser for March of Dimes. Not only would you be helping a worthy cause, you'll also be given the chance to win some fabulous prizes! One of the many items up for grabs is my washcloth sushi roll.

For details on how to donate and the rules, click here. And here is the list of all the raffle prizes.

Thank you SO much!! :)


Dena said...

All of those babies are so cute. Good luck to Ollie!

I've volunteered for March of Dimes for years. Great organization to work with and such a wonderful cause.

Patty O. said...

That sushi roll is adorable!!!!

Slee said...

have i mentioned that i love pictures of babies in boxes?
you need to save this one for whenever in life you move for one reason or another, for change of address announcements.
i wanted to use that theme for baby announcements. pic of baby "i moved!" with an outside mommy's tummy address. lol