Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feedback wanted on new idea... plus name suggestions!

It's often recommended to use a fleece stay-dry liner to protect the skin against wetness when using prefolds. Another bonus is that most poo just rolls right off of the fleece, making for easy clean-up.

So, I had the idea of sewing a microfleece liner TO the prefold. That way it's all together- no searching for a separate part that's usually on the bottom of the laundry basket, or fumbling with getting it into just the right place with a wiggly baby.

The liner is microfleece, which wicks moisture away from the skin, making baby feel dry longer, as well as reduces irritation. It is backed with flannel, adding a little fun to diaper changes, as well as a tad extra absorbency. The liner is a contour shape for minimum bulk, but still covers the majority of baby's diaper area. It's sewn to the prefold along the back edge only, creating a flap. This insures you can use any kind of fold, and still have full coverage.

Some possible options include:
* Instead of microfleece, OBV could be used for luxurious softness (and an alternative for those who avoid synthetic fabrics)
* A soaker can be sewn inside the liner for additional absorbency- such as a layer or two of hemp, sherpa or microfiber.
* Prefolds can be further customized by adding embellishment to the outside and/or dyeing them.

With these diapers, you have all the built-in convenience and comfort of a fitted, but with the simplicity and affordability of a prefold!

Feedback wanted!
* Do you think there is a market for something like this?
* How much more would you be willing to pay over just a plain prefold?
* I'm stumped on a name, so any ideas? (If I use yours, there may be something in it for you! ~grin~)
* Any other suggestions?


Slee said...

I do think there is a market for this. it is a great idea, and quite cute. It's like your baby is wearing a secret!
Hm, what should you call them. Will think on that.

Rebecca said...

fleecefolds, but i already tweeted that suggestion to you. :)

Slee said...

i kinda like calling them "onion wraps" because they have layers, and onions have layers, like ogres, but people don't like onions.. they like parfaits.
you could call it the prefold parfait, lol!

Anonymous said...

I have done this with my LO, and it gets kinda bulky..

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Oh really, anon? With just the microfleece, it's actually really thin. Of course, it would be thicker with absorbent layers (although hemp would add minimal bulk), but you would be doing so anyways with separate liners, no?

Thanks for the feedback. :)

beansntatersmama said...

How about unsqushy tushy. lol This is a great idea and I bought something similiar made of cotton but not very absorbent it's just a liner made to go with a mesh diaper cover but I put them in Dallas' diapers. I think they would l=sell like hotcakes maybe in sets of 3-4. good luck. angie

Tera said...

I think its a GREAT idea! when I used prefolds when my lil one was teeny weeny i always added extra "bulk" in the form of fleece and flannel =) it works wonders! hmmm... name... "oh so fleecy prefold" kinda like "oh so easy"... LOL I dunno... i'm kinda stuck. best of wishes!!!

GreenPunkMama said...

I love the idea of it being attached so you don't have to hunt down the pieces. I don't really have a name suggestion but I think they would be great in sets of 2 or 3 and they easily add to the value they're really neat!

Cathy said...

definitely a great idea!

Rissa said...

Wonderful idea!! I love it. I'd absolutely use them. I think I'd be willing to pay a couple dollars over the regular prefold price. Perhaps 3! I love the cost of prefolds, but I've recently discovered that my boys' bums do much better when the wetness isn't in direct contact with their skin, so I'd be willing to spend more money for that added protection! Diaper rash is NOT fun! :-/
Maybe call 'em Betterfolds? :)

Slee said...

this morning i was looking at my prefolds and thinking the only thing i'd do differently with them was to add a layer of fleece to wick the moisture away from babybottoms.. and then i remembered these, lol. Of course, all that got me thinking about covering an extra microfiber insert for his pockets with fleece and attaching it to one of my prefolds, but i haven't yet determined if that'd be too bulky for words or not.
I love how cloth diapering is an ever evolving adventure in my hosuehold.

Judson Family said...

Great Idea, Jumparooz would be a name suggestion....Poo in the I came across your blog through your etsy shop.. I am looking into purchasing some of your embellished prefolds.. I would be willing to try this out on one of the prefolds I will contact you through your Etsy, and you can let me know what you are charging...