Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

I just noticed that it's after midnight. Wow, where on earth did the day go? W What did I do all weekend?? Let's see...
* Shoo'ed bear out of the backyard.
* Finished up a custom cloth diaper cake.
* Nursed a semi-sick baby seemingly every few minutes.
* Made multiple PB&J sandwiches for Abbie, who's obviously going through a growth spurt.
* Cleaned up a half gallon (!!) of apple juice that was spilled mostly on the carpet.
* Washed a load of towels, sopping wet with apple juice.
* Gave baby impromptu bath, as he was also sopping wet with apple juice and becoming increasingly sticky.
* Shoo'ed bear out of the front yard.
* Consoled a screaming/sobbing Isaiah for multiple reasons, the majority of which I have NO clue what they were.
* Remembered that I needed to wash diapers at the last moment, barely getting them in in time for them to be done before bedtime. (Can't have nakkid butts in the family bed!)
* Braved the bears and went out to pick remaining cherries on cherry trees.
* Made a small batch of cherry freezer jam.
* Cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, brushed teeth, read stories, etc. etc. etc.

And yet, it still feels like I accomplished very little today. *sigh*


♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2 said...

you just need a dog somewhere in there, lol. he could have licked up the apple juice and cleaned the baby, lol.

GreenPunkMama said...

I don't envy you on the bear part lol We don't get them often here unless they come through the Delaware park, but they're messier than the Raccoons lol

That's a lotta apple juice! Gavin once dropped a big container of soft soap and left it in the bathroom, what an gross mess soft soap can be, especially when clear...

beansntatersmama said...

I am sooooooo right there with you, most days I feel like a dog chasing it's tail. I hope you are well and I'll try to get on etsy later to see if I need to pay you for anything yet. I've got toleave for vacation in two weeks so don't worry about being in a rush on mine. Thanks angie

Dena said...

Spilled apple juice. Icky! When my oldest daughter was about three years old, I was making her some grape juice at the dinette table when the phone rang. With my back turned towards her she promptly poured herself a glass of grape juice, all over the table, floor, and herself.

I emphasize with the sticky mess.

Amy said...

Bears? Front yard? Back yard? In the cherry trees?

You are braver than I!

Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

I am tired just reading about your day!

Patty O. said...

Yes, I have had so many days like that. Your post made me laugh, though, especially the image of your sticky baby. Hope you have a more relaxing week!

nova_j said...

wow i'm in awe of your bear escapades! our largest wild mamal is a possum lol! but i suppose cherries are worth taking a bear on for! yum..