Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Mumbers

Created by Good Enough Mama.

7 The number of days my husband will be out of town (state!) this week.

.00001 The percent chance I'll still be sane when he returns home.

0 The number of teeth Ollie has, although who knows how many he's working on.

3/4 The amount of a bottle of Motrin we've been through in the past week (after trying all my usual natural/homeopathic remedies).

4 The number of hours I slept last night, despite Motrin, and definitely not consecutively, but more like in 30 minute intervals.

3 The number cups of coffee I've had so far this morning.

0 The amount of shame I feel as I shamelessly brag about Ollie crawling again. If you haven't already, go watch the videos. Isn't he a cutie?!

9283 The number of times I've cursed at our slow dial-up after being spoiled to my mom's high-speed.

11 The number of new cloth wipes / washcloths I listed yesterday.

5 The number of new Owie Bags I also listed.

14 The number of sales I need to reach 300. Hoping to make it by the end of the month.

23 47 52 76 The number of times I've been interrupted so far writing this post.

12 The number of typos and spelling errors FireFox has so lovingly found and underlined for me.

100 The percent of randomness this post contains. Sorry. I'll try to form some more coherent posts in the next few days.


Shan said...

Have you tried an amber teething necklace? I just ordered one for Nick hoping when the time comes, it works...

~ April ~ said...

Hey Shan!

Yes, he's been wearing an amber teething necklace for the better part of the last few months. And it worked awesomely for Isaiah. (Not to mention they look so darn cute!)

It's just at night time, man, it's been rough. I can't imagine how uncomfortable he is, judging from his screaming. :(

Shan said...

Oh man! Poor baby! :( And poor mommy!