Friday, May 22, 2009

Going Bearfoot...

Conversation with Abbie, as we were getting ready to go play outside:

Mommy: Get your shoes on, kids!
Abbie: I wanna wear my feet shoes
M: You mean go barefoot?
A: Yes, go out with my bare feet shoes!
M: No, it's just called barefoot, no shoes.
A: Oh okay.
M: Mommy likes going barefooted, too. We can go barefoot together!
A: [thinks a moment] No, you have bearfeet, I'll have deerfeet.


Anonymous said... have so much more logic than we do, huh? that is priceless...write it down in her baby book! :0)

Shan said...

That is SOO funny and cute. Seriously...I almost woke the baby with my laughing!

High Quality Mothering said...

Oh, how positively precious. Thanks for sharing! :)