Monday, April 27, 2009

Here, There and Everywhere

This past week has been crazy. First of all, thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers re: my mom. She's recovering just awesomely. Cancer may suck, but she kicks ass. :)

Since her surgery was out of state, she asked me and the kids to come down and stay with my 17yo sister to keep her company, which is where I still am. It's definitely been chaotic, but fun. Several rough patches, especially with Isaiah as he doesn't deal with disruption in routine very well, but I'm actually pleasantly surprised with how he's doing overall.

This past Saturday, I attended Rockbridge County's Earth Day festival. I'll post more about that later, complete with pictures (I forgot my USB cable at home).

Tomorrow is Isaiah's eligibility meeting for transferring services over from Early Intervention to the school system. Looking forward to seeing how that goes. Also, his ST mentioned almost in passing that he seems to have some symptoms of dyspraxia, but didn't say a whole lot more as it was time for her to go. Reading a lot about it, he does have a lot of the symptoms. But, again, I'll blog more about this later, as well as the results of the meeting tomorrow, as I'm utterly exhausted right now, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Thank you for being so patient through this spell of infrequent blogginess.


rainbowmummy said...


Amy said...

Hugs to you and glad your mom is doing well!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Hope you get some rest! We are familiar with dyspraxia over of our many diagnoses : )

Amy said...

Sorry to hear about your mom and anxious to hear about your meeting. We have Robbie seeing an OT for his SPD. I'm working up a blog about that as well. Is Isaiah a sensory avoider or sensory seeker?

Also, I tagged in you an 8 is enough meme on my blog.