Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Abbie!

Last Thursday (the 26th) was Abbie's birthday. I can hardly believe my little peanut is now FOUR! We were originally planning on having a campfire picnic to celebrate her birthday, but it was postponed due to rain. Instead we had family over for spaghetti and strawberry shortcake (both Abbie's choice). Here are a few pictures:

Fabric bunting I made and painted. Abbie picked out the colors herself. I made another one, alternating the colors, minus her name. I hope to use these for many years to come (as an alternative to disposable paper streamers/banners).

Abbie with one of her favoritest people in the world- my younger sister, Maggie.

Anxiously awaiting presents (wearing the felt crown I made just for her special day)

While singing Happy Birthday...

Abbie made a wish right before she blew out the candles, and it was the most precious thing. I wish I had it on video. She very quietly and quickly went "Iwannabeaprincess *bloooooow*" all in one breath. We didn't tell her to make a wish, and she really was just talking to herself. But her voice, I could tell she meant that wish with all her heart. Gave me goosebumps. *wub*

Something I do every year... snap a picture on the exact minute of their birth. So here is Abbie at 9:26pm, playing with a balloon as we said our goodbyes to everyone.

Despite the rain, I think Abbie still had an absolutely wonderful day. She was grinning ear-to-ear the whole day, which made my heart even more overjoyed than it already was. There is a little poem that I stumbled across on Abbie's first birthday, and it's always stuck with me. It goes

Your birthday was the day we first were us, And so for me it is a day twice blessed. I celebrate my having you twice over: First, that you are you, then that you're mine

And I am truly blessed to have such a spirited daughter who makes me laugh on a daily, no, hourly basis. Who is so creative and already quite the little artist. Who tells me "Mommy, you my girl" several times throughout the day, usually when I need to hear it the most. I love you so much, Abbie. Thank you for choosing me to be your momma. It's been quite the journey so far, and I'm looking forward to many more adventures with you.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, so sweet! Today is my littlest one's 4th birthday. There's something about those Aries kids (if you believe in that sort of thing). lots of spirit & just a delight to have in your life.

Coincidentally, my youngest daughter (not the 4 year old) always requests strawberry shortcake for her birthday,too :)

Jo said...

What a little angel! Looks like she had an amazing day :)

rainbowmummy said...

Happy Birthday Princess Abbie xxxx

This post made me cry, so beautiful xxxx

Cathy said...

happy birthday! what a wonderful celebration! your daughter is so sweet. My son James just turned 4 2 weeks ago--amazing how fast it goes.

Anonymous said...

super glad she had a lovely day

Angela said...

She already is a princess! That is adorable! I need to write more of the sweet things that my kids do.