Sunday, February 8, 2009

Care for some eggs?

Remember my post about Isaiah making breakfast all on his own? And how I said he'd be frying eggs by his third birthday? Well, apparently Isaiah reads my blog when I'm not looking, and decided to experiment with aforementioned hen fruit.

The other day, I heard the fridge door open and shut. As Isaiah loves stashing his sippy cup in there, it really didn't phase me. It wasn't until Abbie yelled "Oh no!" that I broke into a sprint. As I turned the corner, I saw... Isaiah stooped on the floor beside a broken egg, using both hands to shovel in as much ooey-gooey raw egg into his mouth before I could conviscate it.


I dumped some salt over it (a trick that I didn't learn until my 482nd broken egg) and turned around to grab some paper towels. When I turned back, there was Isaiah, now attempting to shlurp down the salty congealed goo.


If there are any mommas of sensory-seeking children out there with gross stories to tell, please feel free to share them in comments. Maybe it'll make me feel better that my kid puts so many yucky things into his mouth. XD


rainbowmummy said...

I take it back, I don't want any eggs :0)

Nice tip with the salt!!! We have to put eggs away fast and high in this house.

Heather said...

Oh YUM. I wish I could get my son to eat anything, much less random raw eggs and junk.

My daughter, on the other hand, is not so picky. She's 16 months old, and yesterday I caught her laying on her belly, running her finger along the aluminum threshold of the back door and then sticking her finger into her mouth and sucking the gunk off of it. I just about threw up.

Patty O. said...

Yuck! Thanks for the tip about the salt. My kids are constantly breaking eggs--ever since watching Charlie Brown's Easter DVD, they want to decorate eggs, only they don't realize the eggs should be cooked first.

Danny will pour parmesan cheese into his mouth directly from the bottle. Same with dijon mustard, which makes me cringe. He used to eat big pats of butter, too.

Elizabeth Channel said...

My Sue will eat clomps of butter that she spoons out with her finger; my Joseph ate roly polies and Edward? Well, he ran his finger down in the groove at a McDonald's bench seat one time and spooned it on in.

You are so not alone.

Angela said...

My second daughter when she was 3 or 4 licked the floor at the food court in a mall because (in her words) she "wanted to know what it tasted like". Gag... But she also taught her self to ride a bike and tie her shoes. She is awesome but we have the best stories when she was little!