Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amazement Square

A couple weeks ago, we went to Amazement Square, a small children's museum in Lynchburg. It's an absolutely wonderful place- check out the website for all the awesome features, such as the barnyard toddler's area (complete with a life-sized cow you can actually milk), a room where you can paint on the walls, and the tallest indoor climbing structure in the nation.

Everybody did really well. The favorite was probably all the slides, which isn't surprising as we've been cooped up in the house most of the winter. Other favorites included playing with all the hand-puppets, gathering corn and eggs in the barnyard, and climbing up to the observatory. Abbie made a new friend, as they sailed down the river together. (I thought she was around 5, but talking to her mom, she was actually a couple months younger than Abbie. She's so short for her age, it's hard to judge other kids' ages by comparing size. LOL).

There was a couple minor incidents. Within 10 minutes of arriving, Isaiah managed to get an owie. There was this metal wall, with magnetic plastic tracks that you can rearrange and send golf balls rolling down. Well, the magnets are pretty strong, so Isaiah was tugging on one of the tracks to remove it, and it jerked off, popping him right above the eye. It ended up leaving a bump and a little cut. Probably could have used some ice, but he would hardly stop to let us look at it, much less sit still to ice it. All was well after a few minutes, though. And then, as we were leaving, Abbie tumbled down the last 3 steps of the staircase. It was scary to me, just because it was like watching it in slow motion, but a few tears and a sticker from a nearby staff member later, and she was just fine.

I didn't get many pictures, as it was a tad difficult to juggle a camera while wrangling the little ones, but here are just a couple...

Abbie in the Paint Box

Isaiah and trains

Just a cute shot of Ollie

They have Family Night every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, where admission is only $2 a person for all afternoon and evening. Granted it's a 50 minute drive, but I want to try going at least every other month. There's just something about it, such a calming atmosphere, yet at the same time, so full of wonder and... well, amazement!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Looks a lot like the children's museum near us! :0) FUN!

High Quality Mothering said...

Amazement Sq. Rocks!! My teens loved the painting room! 6 yo loves the maze up/down, in/out, zip-line & all!