Friday, November 21, 2008

Report from the OT

We got back the report from our occupational therapy evaluation.

"Isaiah demonstrates differences in his sensory registration (low), sensation seeking, sensory sensitivity, and sensation avoiding, more than other children his age. He also has a low threshold for some sensations. He also demonstrates differences in auditory, tactile, vestibular, and oral sensory processing. .... It is highly recommended that Isaiah receive regular, strong sensory input spread throughout his day to help reduce his seeking of some sensations and avoidance of others, as well as to help reduec his rigidity of daily activities."

We've been doing "brushing" every day since the OT showed us how, and he absolutely LOVES it. We do need to work on being more consistant with it, though, since that's a huge factor in its effectiveness. I need to find an online source for a couple more brushes, just so we aren't ever without one. I've found a couple, but they all seem to be come pre-packaged saturated in sugrical scrub solution. Not ideal for the kid who puts everything into his mouth.

There were quite a few other suggestions, both for providing deep sensory input and vestibular input, as well as for oral activities. Speaking of which, I ordered him another ChewyTube a couple weeks ago, and it's already lost. Grr. I guess I'll order another one and tie a ribbon to it.

For those of you who have little ones with SPD, I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions! What are your favorite activites to do?


beansntatersmama said...

Hey girl, I don't know what a chewie tube looks like but will it attach to one of those pacifier holders that clip on a baby's shirt? You could probably make something you're so handy. I am totally in love with the adult owie bag and want another. I'll be in touch have a great weekend. Going to play dinosaurs with my boys! angie

Patty O. said...

Other things I have found that have helped my son is offering him a lot of crunchy or chewy food throughout the day. Also, one source I read suggested having him drink really thick shakes or other thick things like applesauce through a straw--sounds weird, but Danny LOVES it. My son is a sensory seeker (he does avoid some things, especially mixed textures) but he gets overstimulated really easily. What helps most is lots of heavy work and lifting throughout the day. Pushing full laundry baskets around or holding heavy doors open, along with lots of jumping on our mini-trampoline, etc.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Well, I think you know most of ours already but we do love the giant pillows for jumping/burying, the spinning swing, mini trampoline (like Patty said), playing with shaving cream (all over the feet and sliding if possible), heavy log pulling and chopping...there are so many great ideas out there...I'm sure you've got all the usual books and they are just filled with ideas!

The great thing is these activities are fun for all children!

~ April ~ said...

Angie - Yeah, that's what I was planning on doing- attaching a length of ribbon with snaps. But, it disappeared before I got the chance. We're cleaning the playroom today, so hopefully it'll re-appear.

Patty- Isaiah loves applesauce, so we'll definitely give this a try at lunch today. :)

Elizabeth- That's a great idea with the shaving cream. We played with some on the shower wall the other day, and while it took him a while to actually work up to full-contact with it, he enjoyed it. We'll have to go "skating" in the kitchen with it next.

What are your favorite books, other than The Out-of-Sync Child, which I just purchased a copy.