Monday, November 24, 2008

The Littlest Entrepreneur...

Abbie was painting with watercolors yesterday, making these beautiful suns in a rainbow of colors. I complimented her, asking if I could have one to add to the artwork lining the hallway.

Her reply? "No, you hafta buy one".

I've had to explain countless times that she can't play with the lovey/wipes/bib/etc. that I'm making because someone is going to buy it. I guess she decided to start her own little business. (She finally gave me a painting... not like I gave her life or anything!)

She loves working along side me while I sew. The other day, I was making some Little Lovey Buddy Ladybugs. She cut circles out of red and black paper, glued them together, and then glued scraps of black ribbon that had fallen to the floor for the legs. And when I was working on my Cloth Diaper Cakes (coming soon!), she stole a few rubber bands, went to the our diaper basket, and started rolling diapers of her own to stack. :D

She is so wonderfully creative. I hope I can continue to foster it, as I never want her to lose that love of imagining and creating!


Elizabeth Channel said...

Wow! Sounds like you've got a true partner on your hands!

Anonymous said...

heehee...she's growing up and getting big! i love it when my little ones start making so much sense and become great thinkers! ;)