Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wow... already?

Can you believe Ollie is 2 months already?! It seems the time is just flying by... although this past week has been a long one. Lots and lots of nursing. Lots and lots. Did I mention we've been nursing a lot. I've eliminated dairy as of 8/28, to see if that helps with his long crying jags and spitting up, expecially since Isaiah is dairy-intolerant. We'll see. Hopefully, for my sanity's sake, this is a short-lived phase.

But in any case... he is such a cutie, no?

In other news, Isaiah has another possible staph infection on his hand. He fell last weekend, and got the tiniest cut on his palm. And now, a week later, there's a nasty blister. I hope it clears up soon, as it's on his thumb-sucking hand, so it hurts when he curls his fist up. Poor guy. :( If anyone has any natural alternatives for treating wounds/infections, I would much appreciate it!


Elizabeth Channel said...

He is the cutest little fellow! I love that smile!

I don't know topically what to use but I'm sure a little echinacea/goldenseal drop or two would help boost his immune system. I use it all the time with my little ones per my homeopath.

Hope it clears soon! Poor fellow and poor mommy---you've had a rough week!

blkitalianpride75 said...

ADORABLE!!!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Howdie! Let me keep you busier than you already are by tagging you for a "major award." Drop by my blog to claim your golden honor!

Anonymous said...

I love that smile! Oh, they grow up so fast!! My Meg is already 7 months old and trying to walk!