Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm here...

but just barely. This past weekend, me and the kids stayed the weekend with my friend. All together, there was 8 kids (6 of them 5 and under!). It was SO chaotic, but SO fun. We even managed to take them all to the fair (Abbie said that's where the fairies were, hehe). The weekend left me exhausted though, and with mountains of laundry. Didn't help that our power was out most of the day on Tuesday. My mood has been super-funky all week, though, so haven't felt much like blogging. Ollie is going through a growth spurt, so lots and lots of nursing. Lots and lots. I just want to be alone, which is hard when he wants to be attached for hours at a time. *sigh* I hope these feelings pass. A crazy momma does not a happy house make.

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Elizabeth Channel said...

Oh, how I remember those marathon nursing days! I think those 6 and 8-week growth spurts are tough on nursing mommies. Well, nursing is tough anyway, but so worth it!

That was a brave trip to the carnival. I'd be out of sorts, too! And laundry--I know how you feel! I am still catching up from last weekend!

Hope you can get some rest!