Thursday, August 21, 2008

My totally awesome dream from last night

We were outside the library where there was this little playground. Just hanging out. There was a stack of library books that we had checked out sitting on the ground. Well, this mad gunman came around the corner, but instead of weilding a gun, his weapon was a waterhose. He started spraying everybody. People were in a panic, screaming and yelling. (In the dream, it was as if it was a gun, very serious and scary).

I started running away, but I looked back and saw the stack of library books, right about the same time the "gunman" noticed them. I raced back to them, and threw myself over them just as he unleashed a torrent of water. He started spraying me with the hose, and I was getting soaking wet. But I knew I couldn't move or the books would be ruined, so I just toughed it out.

The police finally arrived, and afterwards, I received a metal of bravery for saving those books. Go me! *giggle*


Kateedyd said...

Wow! That's one I haven't had yet. LOL!

Joy said...

I love that dream! Maybe it's just because I'm a teacher but you sound like a literary hero to me!

By the way, I wanted to let you know that you won our Cloth Diaper Bravery Contest over at The Green Baby Guide! We were very inspired by your commitment to cloth diapering even on a long car trip with two children. Please feel free to email us your mailing address so that we can ship the Dirty Duds bag off to you. Also, your entry will be featured in our Sunday post with a link back to your site. Well done!

Angela said...

That is awesome! You gave me a great giggle today! I needed that!

rainbowmummy said...

Go you, lmao!!