Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kid Containment Project

My wonderfully sweet and awesome grandma offered to build us a fence for our backyard, to which I very enthuisiastically said YES to. While I am all for "free-range" kids and letting them explore, there's only so much running one mother can do. Every single time we go outside to play, I spend more time shooing Isaiah away from the lawn mower, or chasing someone as they try to run down the [very rocky and steep] driveway. Or my favorite (not!)- when the kids take off like lightening... in opposite directions!

Today is Day 4 of working on the fence. Day 1 was just laying out the path and measuring how much fencing we needed. Day 2, my grandma brought along my uncle and brother to help. They dug a few holes and set some posts in concrete. However, on Day 3, we learned that due to "weird soil", those posts would have to be dug up and reset deeper in the ground. Very fustrating (and a smidge funny) when they started to put up the fencing and applied a little tension... and the whole post practically toppled out of the ground, concrete and all! Guess the soil is very sandy and fine.

Day 4 is going rather smoothly though. The posts have been set deeper in the ground and the majority of the fencing is up already. It looks great!

Here's Abbie, playing peek-a-boo. (Despite being 90*+ outside, she insisted on wearing a flannel PJ top and sweatpants)

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Anonymous said...

Thats awesome! I would go nuts if we didnt have a fence around the backyard with just Lydia, so I couldnt imagine with three!

(Love all the pictures btw, you are one lucky mama!)