Saturday, March 29, 2008

Abbie's Birthday!

I still need to get pictures from my mom that she took at Abbie's Birthday Campfire Picnic last week (my camera died), but here are a couple from her more traditional cake-&-ice cream-at-the-park party: The ladybug cake I made. It was pretty easy- just used used a Pyrex bowl to bake the bug part. The hardest part was decorating it without letting Abbie see it, since I wanted it to be a surprise (not to mention, I didn't want the kids covered in icing!).

And here's one of Abbie blowing out her candles. It was SO windy that day, we had to built a fort of presents around the cake, because the wind kept blowing out the candles. Abbie was yelling at the sky "Stoppit, big wind!!".

It was so surreal, though, because the park is only a couple blocks from the hospital she was born at. So, on the way there, I realized that 3 years ago EXACTLY (same time, even), we were driving that same route while I was in labor, just mere hours away from becoming a momma.


Anonymous said...

That is a really special cake. You did a good job. I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the past few your pregnancy going easy for you? You haven't said. I hope that you have a good, easy pregnancy and I look forward to reading more of your posts. :0)

Meredith said...

happy birthday Abbie! your cake looks great :)