Sunday, March 23, 2008

Abbie and Isaiah: future masons?

We're replacing the crappy vinyl siding around the bottom of our house with a concrete blocks. It's going to look SO much better... not too mention be a whole lot more energy-efficient!
Abbie's outfit of choice for the task at hand:

Mixing the mortar (and getting sprayed by the hose):

Looks good to me:

I *heart* this picture:

Dumping out some mud (we had to mix some mud for him to play in, since he wouldn't leave the mortar alone): End results: Fortunately the back of the house is less than 2 feet off the ground (as opposed to the 5+ in the front), and we've finished off the entire front. Hopefully we'll be done in a couple weeks, expecially since that means we can move on to our next project- building a swingset for the kids!

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Meredith said...

man! you guys did an awesome job on that base there... I am impressed! that is a serious home-improvement project.