Saturday, February 2, 2008

Isaiah's 18m appt + speech update

We had Boo's 18m check-up this morning. He's up to 23#, and around 31". (Abbie's 27#... she just had to get on the scale, too!) . We brought markers to color on the paper that's on the exam table. The kids loved that! (Although Isaiah went a bit nuts, so by the time the pediatrician came in, he was covered in green. Oops!)
The ped. didn't even bring up vax this time (I think this is the second time in the row he hasn't questioned my decision, so yay!) He made a note in his chart about Boo's milk allergy and speech delay (although, he'll be getting a copy of his evaluation and progress reports from EI).
Speaking of which, that's going really well. I've been meaning to update on this, but we fianlly have his first word of sorts! Isaiah will say "MA!" for milk and more. (Hopefully "mama" will be next!) He's starting to babble a lot more with a greater variety of sounds, which is very reassuring. We've also been "promoted" in ST- instead of once a week, we're now doing once every 2 weeks of in-home visits. The woman that we are working with is absolutely WONDERFUL. Basically, she just comes in and plays with us, while giving me tips on how to encourage Isaiah to be more vocal.
Oh, I don't think I updated on this either, but a couple weeks ago we went to the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind to have a full hearing test done. He did really well and passed everything. (Although, he wouldn't keep the earphones on for the reactive test, so we have to go back this summer if he's still receiving ST).
Anything else you wanna know about my little Snuggle Monster, just ask! Other than being the strong, silent type, he's your typical toddler- getting into everything, climbing on everything, constantly causing chaos.


one of those Greathouse women said...

great to hear the ST is going well! I still haven't taken my son to get checked, but he is saying more now (I just can't understand a lot of it)... BTW, love that peas bib in your shop! My mom made me a diaper bag and burp cloths out of that fabric and a coordinating pea fabric, and I just love the set!

Jody said...

It's so good to hear the speech is going well! Two of mine are in speech and have been for ages, at least since they were three. I had the younger one tested young and he didn't qualify and it still frustrates me because the younger they are the better. Fortunately both are doing really well now.