Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Isaiah's Speech Evaluation

We had Isaiah's EI evaluation today. He's doing excellent in most areas, scoring at or above his age level. They just couldn't get over how bright he was. Of course, then there's the speech area where he's only at a 6mo level. So, yeah... definitely needs some help in that area. We're having a speech therapist come out to the house once a week to work with him. We met with her today, and she's absolutely wonderful. We made our goals for the next year. Our long-term goal is 50 understandable, consistant words. (Seeing as how he has ZERO now, this is very exciting!). I'm really looking foward to this. She kept saying how it's great that I called so early. And rarely does she see kids this young, but with his delay, he definitely needs it. Expecially since he's not making any consonant sounds, it'll be hard for him to progress until he learns those. (DH was being a negative ninny this morning... but hasn't said anything since. Hopefully he sees that is a very beneficial thing, if not neccessary, at this point.) Oh, I do need to make an appt. to get his hearing checked. She said she prefers it in all speech cases. We missed having the newborn screening done, since he was born at home... and we never got around to making a separate appointment. (Yeah, talk about mucho guilt when she asked about this. He doesn't *seem* to have a hearing problem... expecially since his receptive skills are spot-on for the most part.) I really hope this will help him communicate his needs better. He still cries SO much during the day. Not only fustrating to him, I'm sure, but to me as well. Makes me feel like a horrible momma, when he seems so miserable and unhappy. So, keep your fingers crossed!

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